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Pina Colada Cocktail

Syrup for slushy machine


Pineapple, Coconut


Bottle 2L, Carton 6x2L

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Various flavors of syrups for slushy machines


Maintenance items are available for your equipment, just let us know what you’re after and we can assist with most items including food grade silicone lubricant which is essential to the upkeep of your equipment and general wear and tear parts in keep your equipment in good running order and making you a profit.

We’d be delighted to provide you with complimentary flavour labels for your machines. We also stock a range of Point of Sale material that aim to help you boost your sales. Once your customers know you’re using Superior Slushies, they’ll know it’s going to be a party for their taste buds.

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How It Works

We have crafted our product with a concentration on the taste profile to bring your clients back time and again, craving for another serve of refreshing slush.

2L of concentrate + 8L of water

Supplied in 2 Liter bottles to make for easy mixing into your slush or granita machine, one concentrate bottle, plus 8 Litre of water will fill most standard 10 Litre slush machine bowls perfectly. We supply 6 bottles to a carton, giving you 60 Litres of saleable product.

Cocktail flavors

The option to add alcohol is available to both the cocktail range and the favourites range, we recommend replacing a litre of water with a litre of Alcohol, however, if your equipment has capacity, you can also just add alcohol to the standard 1:4 ratio mix.


Craft production

Crafted with expertise and a touch of passion, our slushy machine syrup production process exemplifies the perfect blend of precision and heart.


Various flavors

We make sure you have a choice. We have standard and cocktail flavours to suit all of your customers.


Carefully packing

We get straight onto packing your syrups  to make sure they will reach you undamaged and in the fastest possible time.


Convenient delivery

We can deliver ourselves to the Greater Melbourne region. We also ship nationally using a selection of courier services that we trust.